Lesbian Love – First Kiss Tips For Girls

Possibly the most intimate non-sexual action between two people is the kiss but, as with so many other things, a kiss is not a simple act. One kiss, one style of kissing is not the same as another; there is considerably more behind a kiss than just an expression of love. In some countries the kiss is an accepted form of greeting, regardless of gender, with two people kissing one another on the cheek having the same meaning as shaking hands. In many societies today it is also acceptable to kiss close friends direct on the lips as a greeting, without there being any more intimate or loving relationship, although this is mainly restricted to younger women.

The type of kiss between two people can have various meanings: a sign of friendship; a simple greeting; a sign of love or more. A kiss on the forehead, a kiss on the cheek, the kissing of a person’s hand, a kiss on the lips, each one depends on the level of friendship, the relationship between the two parties, what the person giving wishes to convey. The style of kiss also depends on the type of meeting, whether it is formal or friendly and, to a great extent, what is acceptable in a particular society or country.

Building up a relationship between two people is no easy matter, regardless of gender. Building up a lesbian relationship, however, is the same as for heterosexual couples, the only difference being that both are the same gender. In both cases mutual interests play a role, as does mutual attraction, love and, to a certain extent, sexual attraction. As with all other relationships, trust and understanding, an ability to talk and to listen, understanding for the other person and the ability to compromise play their parts too.

One of the easiest means two people can express their love for one another, aside from the use of words, is through kissing. A loving kiss shared is something very special indeed, but also something which needs to be learned, which needs a certain amount of practice and which, at the very start of a relationship, can cause problems. Unsure of where a relationship is going, or if one is even beginning, it is difficult to judge exactly how to kiss another woman. A great deal depends on the situation, on the surroundings, on the level of friendship – or passion – which has already been built up between the pair. It also depends on whether both parties, both women, are aware that there is an interest on the part of their kisser and how deep this interest goes, whether the person kissing already knows for certain that the woman they are kissing is a lesbian too. There are still, in many societies and in many smaller communities, no matter how free a society may claim to be, personal restrictions which prevent a clear showing of sexual leanings.

A kiss is not just a kiss. The touching of lips is a small part of the whole, not even the beginning of a kiss and, hopefully, also not the end. A kiss begins with the mind; the decision that you wish to kiss someone, that you attracted to them enough to show one of the most intimate signs of attraction. It begins with communication, not necessarily through words but words are also a very good means of communicating a desire to kiss, depending on the situation. Body language, especially the eyes and the way a person touches another, also plays a major role. Standing close to them and looking into their eyes, reading what their body language tells you, is not easy but, with the right person, there is a silent level of communication, of mutual understanding possible.

One of the most important things to remember when kissing someone for the first time is not to go overboard, not to force the other person into a situation they are perhaps not prepared for. A light kiss directly on the lips is probably the best way to begin, followed by careful observation of how your partner reacts. For some a kiss on the lips can come as a shock, not necessarily a bad one, but a pleasant surprise. It can also lead to the return of a kiss, which is what is clearly hoped for. Once it is clear that the kiss has been accepted, that it is desired, kissing can literally take its own course. Lesbians, just the same as anyone else, allow their emotions to control their reactions when it comes to the more pleasurable, intimate things in life.

Still, there is much more to a kiss than just a peck on the lips and the reading of body language. A woman’s lips are very sensitive, for many even an erogenous zone, which, coupled with other parts of the body, can bring on more than just platonic reactions. Other parts of the body can enhance the effects of a kiss when touched or stroked, such as a person’s neck, their arms, their hands. In public, bearing in mind the mores of a civilized society, the caressing of a woman’s breasts would not necessarily be acceptable but, in private it is a different matter, once the level of kissing has gone beyond the initial stage. More intimate actions, such as intimate touching, should be saved for later; it is best not to grab and feel right from the start of a relationship as this can quickly create the wrong impression.

There are many different forms of kissing: a kiss directly on the lips, quick and light; a direct kiss on the lips with more pressure and duration; a kiss with use of the tongue around the lips; a kiss with the tongue inside your partners mouth; gentle biting of the lips; kissing other parts of the body such as her cheeks, neck, ears and so on. Kissing can also involve intense use of the tongue, both inside and outside of the mouth, light biting and sucking although, at the beginning of a relationship, it is best to be careful and not dive into an advanced love-making session immediately.

Kissing is also an act which requires time. A quick kiss on the cheek, the lips or the forehead will usually be interpreted as a mere greeting and nothing more than that, especially if, having kissed, you move back too far immediately. Something more intense, an act of love, should be handled slowly and with care, concentrating your complete attention on the person being kissed as if there is nothing more important for you in the world, as if you have all the time available just for them. The lightest first kiss on the lips should be followed up by not moving away, by inviting the woman you have kissed to kiss you back, by looking into her eyes, judging her reaction and, when you are sure, kissing her again with slightly more intensity, longer duration. Once you have overcome the first hurdle, perhaps overcome your own uncertainty or shyness and kissed for the first time, events will take their natural course.

How to Kiss A Guy

Do you wish you had some practical advice on how to kiss a guy? Are you often left feeling awkward after that first good-bye kiss? Would having more self-confidence about your kissing techniques also give you more confidence in relationships? Dating someone new always has a few awkward moments – none more so than those first few kisses between a couple. And some people are more experienced than others when it comes to kissing. Just like less experienced dancers tend to feel more awkward on a dance floor, so do inexperienced daters feel less confident when they kiss. So to help you feel more confident about when and how to kiss a guy, follow these three tips for the best pucker power:

Kiss when the time is right.

A kiss should not be rushed. When a relationship is new, give it time to progress. Like a newly uncorked bottle of fine wine, give the relationship time to breathe. There’s no hard and fast rule about whether to kiss on a first date. The longer you can wait – within reason – for each new stage of the relationship, the better. Remember, you only get one first kiss in any relationship, so make your timing right. And speaking of timing – better to make a kiss too short than overly long. Leave him wanting more, so he will want to kiss you again – quickly! To show you know how to kiss a guy, remember that timing is everything.

Kiss like you mean it.

Once you do exchange your first few kisses, don’t be shy. A kiss can be a very sensuous act between two people. Enjoy the exploration and intimacy that comes from a kiss. Now is not the time to tightly purse your mouth and stiffen all your muscles. You’re not getting a flu shot! — just a nice show of affection from a great guy. Don’t be afraid to show some enthusiasm and a little passion. To show you know how to kiss a guy, loosen up the attitude and the facial muscles, and go for it.

Kiss with consideration.

Someone should write an etiquette book for kissing, in honor of everyone who has ever been kissed by someone who: chewed gum throughout a kiss, forgot to brush their teeth or use a breath mint, tried to strangle them with their tongue, or made disgusting smacking noises — or worse, grunts. The possibilities are endless. Don’t spoil a delightfully intimate moment by using poor kissing etiquette. Always be fresh-breathed, soft-lipped, gum-free and reasonably gentle. Don’t mistake roughness for passion.. To show you know how to kiss a guy, please be considerate of the one you kiss.

All the tips in the world won’t get you completely past the awkwardness of the first few kisses of a new relationship. But paying attention to timing, showing some feeling, and observing the all-important etiquette will go a long way toward making the experience a winner. If you want to show that you know how to kiss a guy, try these tips before the next time you pucker up.

Kissing Girls Made Easy – Make Your Kiss a Memorable One

Let’s face it: Kissing someone that you’re attracted to takes guts. You have to have confidence in the other person’s attraction to you and the courage to risk facing what might happen. The other person may turn their face away. Or, worse, you may finally have the kiss you’ve been waiting for–and nothing will happen. No nerves will tingle. No blood will race. It was a dud, and all that chemistry you imagined you had just went right out the window.

The best way to avoid all these situations is to know when it is finally right to kiss someone! And I’m going to tell you how. In this exclusive article, I’ll give you the essential tips you need to lay the groundwork for the first kiss of your dreams. These NEVER-FAIL strategies ensure that you’ll always know when is the right moment to move in for a spine-tingling kiss.

So listen up, guys: First kisses usually happen on first dates, at the end of the night when you are saying goodbye. If you try to kiss her before you’ve gone out properly together, she may think that you are forward and fresh. Making the effort to see that you are compatible and offer her an idea of what life would be like dating you is important. Although you may be tempted to kiss her during the date, restrain yourself. She is still making her mind up about you.

Consider your attitude towards kissing girls. Is it just a prelude to sex? It should NOT because you’re curious about what it will be like, or think she’s hot but otherwise couldn’t be bothered with spending time with her. This may be a common assumption, but women have a sixth sense that detects it RIGHT away!

Instead, adopt the attitude that kisses are wonderful, special gifts that should be given to a girl because you care about her and are interested in getting to know her better. You should want to kiss her because you enjoy being with her and want to let her know that you want to spend more time with her.

Guys and gals alike know that a first kiss means one thing: I like you, and I want to continue seeing you. Both of you will be anxious at the end of the night, wondering whether there will be a kiss and how it will result. I know that I STILL feel nervous on the ride back home after a date. We may have had a great time and be chatting away, but in my heart I can’t stop thinking: will he kiss me goodbye? A kiss goodbye is an almost certain sign that there will be a next date, but if there is no kiss I usually don’t hear back from him.

The perfect opportunity for that first kiss may happen when you least expect it. So EVERY time you are with a guy or girl that you are interested in, make sure you’re prepared for the unexpected kiss! Brush your mouth thoroughly, from your gums to the roof of your mouth to you tongue. Floss and use mouthwash to get rid of any last particles. Never let chapped lips go … use a moisturizing chapstick.

If you go out to eat together, think about how the foods you eat will affect your breath. You can take one night out to eat bland foods to ensure that your mouth will be clean and fresh for that first kiss. Avoid any spicy or strongly-flavored foods, including coffee. A dish with lemon or mint in it will keep your breath clean. Also, take advantage of those complimentary mints!

DON’T smoke. Smokers’ breath can be attractive to other smokers, but if he or she doesn’t smoke, it will be a major turnoff.

Make sure you shave! Women don’t want to kiss you with three-day stubble scratching their chin. Girls, lose that dark lipstick! There is nothing worse that letting your lipstick rub off a man’s face or stain his shirt collar.

Okay, now let’s get down to specifics and address the concerns that guys and girls will have in knowing whether it’s right to kiss.

Guys, remember that, whether you like it or not, you have to win her over BEFORE the kiss … not expect your dazzling kissing technique to win her over. She must be interested in you and open to the idea of sharing a kiss with you BEFORE you make the attempt.

Second, you shouldn’t even consider a kiss unless you’ve worked for it! By working for it, I mean that you’ve got to know her personally, have listened to her, found out as much as you could about her. As I say in my “How to Be Irresistible to Women” course, women want to EARN a man’s respect. They want a man to like her not because of her big rack, but because he ENJOYS being with her. He likes who she is, inside and out.

You owe it to her to take her out on a date in which she’s had a good time and showed you that she enjoyed your company BEFORE trying to make your move.

So test the waters and let her get used to being physically close to you before attempting that kiss. Some ways in which you can do this are:

Giving her friendly hugs. Show her that you can touch her in a non-sexual way and not expect anything else. Don’t make a big deal about it. When she presses into you and seems increasingly reluctant to break away, you know that she wants more. In fact, one day one of those hugs just might turn into the perfect opportunity to plant a light kiss on her lips.

Touch her casually. Try out a bit of physical intimacy to see how she responds. Use this to gauge whether she’s ready to move to the next step of an actual kiss. Touch her arm or her back lightly to guide her to her seat. Try a light tap or stroke on the back of her hand to draw her attention to something. Play the gentleman and kiss her hand. If she seems electrified by your touch, you’re in business. If she seems startled or uncomfortable, take some more time.

Increase physical intimacy. Once she seems as if she likes–or at the very least doesn’t mind–your casual touch, “intrude” into her personal space a bit. You may want to try sitting closer to her than you ordinarily would, or leaning towards her just a bit more than normal. Place your hand over hers … and let it linger. If she pulls away or freezes, she isn’t ready for your kiss.

Now, you’ve got to read her signals. Some body language signals that she’s interested in you enough to try a kiss are:

Her smile. Women show their approval with a smile, and if her smile is a special one that you haven’t seen before–wide, intimate, genuine, and happy–you can be certain that she is enjoying your company as much as you are enjoying hers.

Her eyes. If she is too shy to kiss you, she won’t meet your eyes. If she feels comfortable and open around you, she’ll enjoy looking at you … and if her gaze drops to your lips, feel as if you’ve got a yes right there.

Her body position. If she faces you squarely, with nothing between your two bodies, she is giving you the opportunity to come closer. If her body is turned away from yours, she crosses her arms, or she keeps an object like a table between you, she doesn’t feel comfortable enough to kiss.

Now, it’s up to you to find the perfect moment in which to kiss. DON’T worry that if you don’t jump on the chance to kiss her you won’t have another one. This attitude will lead you to plow forward even when the timing may not be as perfect as you thought. There is always one last chance to kiss her … and that is at her door at the end of the night.

When you’re certain it is right, your conversation may simply stop, and you’ll find yourselves looking at one another in silence, enjoying the experience of holding one another’s eyes. Consider this moment a green light. It can’t be more obvious than that!