The Kiss

A kiss is undoubtedly one of the finest expressions of love and care. A kiss can mean anything, its meaning depends on the feelings of the giver, and the perception of a receiver, those who see it can take it any way. A kiss may be a symbol of growing acquaintances between two people. It may also be testimony of the growing passion of a lover. It may be a sign of old friendship or it may show a mothers increasing concern towards her child.

We will just talk of the kiss by a lover, how to perceive the kiss by your lover. If they kiss on your forehead, it shows that the care a lot about you, you will be very happy with such a person. When your partner kisses you on the forehead it shows that, you have found your soul mate.

A kiss on the lips is itself a phenomenon; you can tell by the way your lover kisses you that, is their love fake or real. I will tell you how. Nobody can fake a kiss on the lips, because while kissing, a person is in such an ecstatic state that they cannot control themselves. People cannot artifice a kiss, they have to be great con artist if they want to fake a kiss. Therefore, you can definitely measure your lover’s passion by a kiss.

While kissing if your lover pushes his/her tongue hard inside your mouth, it shows that your lover is very passionate about you. If they force your tongue back and push their tongue inside you, they love you more then you love them. If you are enjoying this very much, it means that they are your real match. Do not let them go, hold on to them, and hold on to them tight.

While they are kissing you, if their hands are on your face, it means that they love you, and they trust you. If their hands are on your shoulders, it means that they trust you, but not much. If their hands are around your arms or your waist, it means that they do not trust. Before continuing with your relationship or turning it into marriage, you will have to make them trust you; you will have to earn their trust.

A kiss is not just a moment of ecstasy, it is a phenomenon, which you can use, to measure the love and trust in your relationship.